05 January 2017

HELLO 2017!

It's the 5th day of 2017! (technically it's still the 4th in Paris now)

I'm just done renewing my domain! Lost count of how many years have janicegoh.com survived, but i'm thankful here & there I still have some sponsorship around. Most active on my instagram account now as blogging is really heading on tough with my hectic work schedule, & i kind of have much more pictures to share on my ig than pinning up my thoughts on this blog.
But nonetheless, as long as i'm still active on my social media, i'll try my best to remain janicegoh.com going on.

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Lots of love for 2017!

28 February 2016

Ten random facts about me!

Not that people are keen to know, but I thought it's pretty interesting! 

1. I'm an only child. (enough said for my bizarre character) 

2. I love gassy sodas. (coke - all time favourite) 

3. Thus, I love beers & champagnes than liquors. 

4.  I love to eat shelled seafood. (cockles, clams, oysters, mussels, lobsters, crabs, prawns...) 

5. My favourite colour is Pink. (but not all my stuffs I like it in pink) 

6. I have not watch any cartoon series in my lifetime up till date. (I watch prime time news with parents since kindergarten) 

7. I like Hello Kitty. (because it's white, pink & red in colour. not because it's cute. i don't really find it cute at all)

8. I do not cry when I'm sad, I teared when I am angry or misses someone.

9. I lived once in Japan for 3 months & on-going every other day for about 2 years now due to work.

10. I'm once a Miss Singapore! (an old expired beauty queen)  

18 December 2015

Trick Eye Museum RWS

 photo IMG_20151211_231201_HDR_mh1449943400473_zpsaymnbq6j.jpg

Was invited to ‪#‎TrickEyeSG ‪#‎TINXTrickeyeSG‬ by #theinfluencernetwork‬ for their bloggers gathering, and I am finally able to make it for their events this time! It was my first gathering with them and it was really fun!
Have always wanted to visit the Trick Eye Museum Singapore, but always didn't have the chance to. So I was really looking forward to this trip & brought Des along as my plus one!

I was super duper sad because I dropped my camera just the day before this event while I was overseas, and had to send it for repair. Thus, no camera this trip for Trick Eye Museum (whatttt!!!!).
But thankfully smartphones too does a decent job in photo-taking. 

There are approximately 100 oversized optical illusion paintings and 4D exhibits to trick both your eyes & camera lens. Spent about 2 hours inside just to barely rush thru everything. There's so much to play with! 

Too much to share, so i'll just share some of my own favourites from the lots in my phone!

 photo IMG_20151211_202030_HDR_mh1449888607280_zpshgoimu7z.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_202044_HDR_mh1449888858005_zpsiviofmsv.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_214732_zpspx9gmier.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_205748_HDR_mh1449841937000_zpsbfmfirqx.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_201543_mh1449840390780_zpsmdn6qi9g.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_202226_HDR_mh1449840468285_zpsx9u5pcbz.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_202459_HDR_mh1449943305135_zpsxnbd5mbz.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_205236_HDR_mh1449840826939_zpsoulvji16.jpg
 photo IMG_20151211_203428_HDR_mh1449942840218_zpssnae2qdm.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_204056_HDR_mh1449942734107_zpsdemmcvjb.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_204816_HDR_mh1449840620643_zpshwqzg5je.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_205046_HDR_mh1449939449641_zpsqrqfi5fw.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_210449_HDR_mh1449842206738_zps8lyobqup.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_211553_HDR_mh1449842869061_zpsljspz0uj.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_211930_HDR_mh1449843437165_zpsy16argvg.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_213519_HDR_mh1449844097805_zps2cng6dqw.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_213706_HDR_mh1449939076794_zpsx9hrupv1.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_213242_zpszpjtxzi3.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_215942_zpshbehdokd.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_220345_zpsl17cen5e.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_232050_zpsnjqbxcgr.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_223324_zpsyvi2x2p0.jpg
 photo IMG_20151211_204402_HDR_mh1449847433932_zpskedgcuhv.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_204346_HDR_mh1449847368491_zpsl39ykwpz.jpg

 photo IMG_20151211_204353_HDR_mh1449840544196_zpskgljpkrb.jpg


Adult Ticket - $ 25.00 (13 - 59 yrs)
Child Ticket - $ 20.00 (4 - 12 yrs)
Senior Ticket - $ 20.00 (Above 60 yrs)
Family Package A - $ 56.00 (2 Adult + 1 Child/Senior)
Family Package B - $ 72.00 (2 Adult + 2 Child/Senior)

Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138

Tips: Take photos with both your camera & phone, phone is because you will be able to edit contrast & filters to your pictures for a more 3D effect much easier. Of cos if you are using a pro camera & photoshop that would obviously be better!
Bring along tripod too, it would be more fun to include all your friends in the photos!
Prepare to give yourself 2 to 3 hours of fun in the museum!
Be creative in your poses!

 photo IMG_20151211_231304_mh1449889286701_zpsh9bmqd25.jpg

We're all given a Trick Eye Passport to enter all Trick Eye Museums in the world! So looking forward to visit them all just in time for my upcoming holidays!

Lastly, let a dancing me wish all of you a Merry Christmas !

 photo 12075019_956042414477791_6806556826712536864_n_zpsxyuxf6hm.jpg

Thank you The Influencer Network & Trick Eye Museum Singapore once again for having us!