18 September 2005

m0ii guy...

src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a316/crimson-eyes7/cfec700a.jpg">A total romatic guy!!!Why he likes you: He would like you for you
no too based on looks and dress. He likes that
you respect yourself.How he would show his affection to you : by
giving you red roes just because he was
thinking of you.
What would he say: Not even a roes
could not match your beauty.

What would be a normal date: A candle
light dinner
What he does when your sad: Gives you a nice
message on the back and shoulders
How do you know he loves you: He says it
How does he kiss you: Softy but

~~What would ur man look*(wit kool pics)* (gurls only)~~
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