10 November 2005

chi0ng Kb0x!!!


r u waiting f0r my entry? here it is...

t0day is my... friend's birthday...
n s0 let mi wish him a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' bahx...
0h yes... i had given him the present when i meet him at Jurong Entertainment Centre's ice skating... let mi talk abt it later.

t0day's sch was rather relax where there is n0t much sian less0ns 0ther than my weakest eng... which i had t0 hang 0n till 0 level next year. Forget abt sch w0rk... Jerald(Chiachia), Jae
Baek(JB), Ericia(YX) n mi went t0 gek p0h n had 0ur lunch after sch. -those in ( ) is short forms 0f their name which i used in typing-

Half way eating, JB decided t0 g0 ice skate n we agreed t0 it as we were s0 damn free n nth t0 d0 at h0me. I rather g0 0ut l0iter than in my 0wn h0use al0ne watching the c0mputer n watching the tv d0ing nth. 0pps... h0pe tis entry w0uldn't be read by any teachers. *tongue's out*

JB n Chiachia then went t0 my h0use n waited at my h0use while i was changing in my r00m. hahas... they r 100% perverts... i t00k my 0wn sweet time in my r00m until they was impatient. I was letting my messy hair d0wn n chiachia helped mi t0 c0mb it. hahas... He kn0ws h0w t0 style hair m0re den mi. Den he helped mi packed my things int0 my bag while i called YX t0 get her faster prepared. Chiachia n JB helped mi take my friend's present n im swaying my free hands enj0ying my life. (i've g0t a nice maid) wahahaha...

At the ice-skate palace, i saw him n his buddies 0utside n i passed the present t0 him. Tat is it. Brighted eyes YX den n0tice tat wearing sch uniform cannot enter the ice-skate ring!! damn ass! Chiachia n JB was wearing sch unif0rm. Nvm, we went t0 the 0pp0site which is Kbox, n b00ked a r00m n sing t0 0ur hapiness. hahas. But t0 JB's dismay, there is 0nly afew 0f his c0untry's s0ng,Korea, n it was all at least 20years ag0's hits. OMG man! He was at there nagging tat he wasted his m0ney.

Chiachia n I was h0lding 0nt0 the mic f0r the wh0le aftern00n as all s0ngs were ch0osen by us. Ericia den requested a few s0ngs n i sang with her. When it was JB's turn, we were all very bad n said it was t0ilet break. Every0ne 0f us went t0 t0ilet n left him there. hahas. It was s0o0o damn c0ld inside tat i wear my gloves n lend Chiachia my jacket. We then share the jacket t0gether n was s0 c0sy tat i w0uld be able t0 sleep leaning at his sh0ulder, thighs t0o. U w0uldn't n0e h0w c0mf0rtable it was until u tried his. Really. hahas. Tats why JB l0ves his thigh s0 much. Chiachia n mi then went crazy where b0th 0f us went jumping 0n the s0fa. hahas. Jumping real high up 0k.Im mad, s0 d0es him.
Wanna c 0ur pics? Will be c0ming s0on as Yx haven send mi th0se pics!!

S00n we went 0ut n head h0me. Chiachia n i decided n0t t0 g0 sch the next day,which was Fri, as tml's less0n is damn s0 b0ring n t0ns 0f h0mew0rk needed t0 be passed up. We tried t0 pysch0 JB but he insisted 0n g0ing. S0 let him be. hahas.

In the evening, Chiachia said tat we need t0 g0 sch if n0t mc must be given, sian. Im g0in 0ut tat night, s0 i g0t n0 time t0 d0 hmwk until i was backed at h0me. I smsed Chiachia asked him whether he had slept an0t, n he repied tat he was d0in his summary. He t0ld mi n0t t0 d0 S0cial Studies's w0rksheet as he will lend mi c his. S0 t0uched nehx. hahas. I d0 my summary n watch tv at the same time until it was ar0und 1am. G0sh. I asked him t0 m0rning call mi the next m0rning as i scare i can't wake myself up early in the m0rning. hees.

Tats all f0r t0day. Its a l0ng n tired but happy day!

W0w! i l0ve t0day's entry s0o0 much! Its such a meaningful day!

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