16 November 2005

funni mi...

Raining cats n d0gs 0utside...

Im freezing c0ld...


Im l00ked like an idi0t t0day!

Guess wad great thing i have d0ne?

Nono, n0t dr0pped int0 the drain.

Tats t0 dramatic f0r mi.


T00k 0ff my slipper n run back h0me with my STINKY BARE FOOT.


Yesh. Laugh all u wans. Im fine with it.

Wanna n0e y i m d0ing this w0nderful acti0n??

Okies. Since u r paying s0 much attenti0n t0 it. Then i shall tell u.

It was a windy n rainy Wednesday night.

I was 0n my way h0me fr0m my stupid pian0 less0n myself.

I am s0 scare as it was 0nli 7.30pm n the sky was freaking black.

So i started t0 walk real fast with abit 0f running.

N when i have arrive the r0ad infr0nt 0f my h0use,

I dashed thr0ugh the r0ad.

I did n0t n0e h0w t0 take an umbrella(i n0e im stupid en0ugh,s0 wad?),
So i was drenched up.

I walked a few steps after i cr0ssed the r0ad,

N i f0und that my slipper had sp0ilt(meaning the strap has snapped),

I ran back n take it,

N just ran the wh0le street wearing 0nli 0ne side 0f the slipper.

I reached my block n al0t 0f ppl is l00king at mi with a funny grin 0n their face.

I knew that they r f0r sure laughing at mi.

But i just dunn0e y the hell there is s0 many ppl under my bl0ck, maybe they was waiting f0r the rain t0 st0p t0o.

I was s0 embrassed that m0ment,

N i saw a few blangalah ah neh p0inting at mi n laugh,

So damn angry l0rs.

H0w can laugh at ppl like that? n0 manners l0rs.


I cann0t walk anym0re, n called my m0ther f0r help.

I waited f0r a few minute n i can't stand th0se ppl's stupid,idi0tic face.

So i dragged my sp0ilt slipper walking really funny t0 my lift,

N get myself h0me.

Hey man! I have never been s0 paiseh bef0re l0rs.

Freaky Wednesday!

tsk tsk...

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