14 November 2005

my butt ache!!

Ouchhh!!! My butt aches al0t man!!!

S0 damn painful!!!

hahas. Just saw angelyn's bl0g den kn0w s0mething happen between HIM n HER. Hais. I myself als0 dunn0e h0w t0 s0lve their c0nflict(im applying ss skills 0k). Tried t0 use tag b0ard n sms t0 c0mmunicate with Her,h0pe she will reply bahx. As f0r His side, i 0nly g0t the rights t0 asked Him wad t0 d0 n asked Him t0 explain t0 Her l0rs. Tats the 0nly bits i can help as a friend right? Really dun wan t0 see them end their friendship lahs. Im sure b0th 0f u dun wan t0O right? I g0t l0adsa c0mments wanna say it 0ut, but it seems that i can't d0 that here with0ut their appr0val. S0 i cann0t share it here le. Seri0usly speaking, being a friend, i really dun wish t0 c u ppl just because 0f this small matter den quarel lahs. Okies. I guess im n0t supp0se t0 suggest my views 0ut.

Oh well. My butt d0 hurts al0t n0w. N all thanx t0 Ericia. She gave mi a large push while we having 's0ft t0y' fight. I landed hard 0n the edge 0f my bed. Can u imagine if the 0ne landed there was u? It was really painful can?

Hmmmx... Jae baek, Ericia n Jerald came t0 my h0use. AGAIN. I guess my h0use is a palace? Or s0me place 0f interest? hahas. Jae Baek used my c0mputer t0 watch his K0rean variety sh0w, while mi, Ericia n Jerald was at the bed. D0ing threes0me ya. l0lx. Of c0s n0t. We r n0t that crazy man. I was lying in between Jerald n Ericia. I s0rt 0f slept 0f a few minutes n i w0ke up. hahas.

Next, Jae baek f0und a new gadget that interests him. Which is a 'water gun'(th0se b0ttle use t0 spray water 0n hair n when ir0ning shirt). Yeah. He used that n sprayed water 0n us. He made my r00m n bed wet! Freak! Jerald n Ericia den used the cane n caned him. He left at ar0und 4pm as he had tuiti0n at 5.

Oh well. Left Jerald n Ericia at my h0use. We started d0ing an0ther thing. Which im fam0us in. FLIRTING. We flirt with each 0ther. We tried t0 made each 0ther h0rny h0rny. hahas. Ericia flirt with mi, i flirt with Jerald, n Jerald flirt mi. I was damn h0rny been in the middle 0f them l0rs. hahas. As if i m.

Well, dun ever d0ubt my flirting skill. C0s Gemini is fam0us 0f its FLIRTATIOUS skill. Yesh. I m gemini girl. S0 d0 Jerald. S0 we d0 flirt ar0und. Beware 0f mi! hahas.

At night, i smsed Jerald regarding that matter. He did n0t reply mi after a few msg n he went 0nline n find mi. We chatted ab0ut that matter n i tried t0 give him s0me idae 0f explaining n listen t0 what he say l0rs. Aiya. I can't help much t00. Dunn0e h0w t0 help seh. Hais. Tr0ubles0me ppl. Mi n him n0t g0ing t0 sch00l tml. S0 can hack care ab0ut bi0's h0mew0rk. l0lx. He g0t cca n i need t0 wake up early n help my c0usin make-up. N when t0 c her dance tml at Suntec!! hahas.