15 November 2005

suntec~ jas's champi0n dance

Congratulations t0 PJC's Dance girls!!!

G00d j0b u've d0ne t0day!!!

*claps claps*

My c0usin Jasmine has d0ne a great j0b t0day. Her JC's dance group w0n a champi0n in a Cleen and Green week Dance c0mpetiti0n. She attended the dance c0mpetiti0n at Suntec, and t0 give her my fullest supp0rt, i skipped sch00l n went t0 Suntec t0 find her.

We w0ke up at ab0ut 5 plus in the m0rning n quickly get my c0usin ready in her make-up d0ne up by ME. Remembering tat my darling Jerald(s0me0ne is g0ing t0 say wad i call him is veri mushy again... dia0) needs t0 wake up at this time t0o, i smsed him n w0ke him up. Hahas. Let mi be 0nce his alarm cl0ck. I ate my breakfast t0gether with my c0usin, which is damn s0 early, n send her 0ff d0wnstair. After that, i went back t0 sleep until 9am n get myself ready in my pretty make-up, changed myself t0 l00k like a pink freak with pink shirt,skirt,handbag n white sh0es, n rushed 0ut t0 be 0n time t0 watch my c0usin perf0rm.

So damn b0red in the mrt, i went ar0und sms-ing ppl. Halfway thr0ught sms-ing with Jerald, he dissapear. Hais. I was s0 b0red s0 i smsed t0ngt0ng. Den she didn't reply t0o until a c0uple 0f minutes later. Hahas. The funniest thing is, i dun even n0e issit t0 alight at City hall 0r Raffles place n i claimed tat i n0e the r0ute there. Hahas. I quickly smsed Jerald,t0ngt0ng n my c0usin n waited anxi0usly f0r their reply as i dun wanna missed my stati0n. Finally, t0ngt0ng my angel replied. l0lx. She said she thinks was City hall, n true, it was indeed City hall. Hahas.

I met my c0usin n n0e that the c0mpetiti0n just started, n their turns 0nly arrive at an h0ur plus later. I st00d there f0r ab0ut half an h0ur until i finally get myself a seat. I t00k 0n my cam n started t0 snapped s0me pics n a sh0rt vide0 0f a Unity Sec's cheerleading gr0up, S0nic.

They are Professi0nal isn't it?

It was my c0usin's turn, i am busy taking vide0 f0r them n cann0t snapped ph0t0s 0f them. Im s0 s0rry. I dunn0e h0w t0 put in vide0 here. I i c0uld, i will definitely d0 it alright?

She was s0 happy n we can see that every0ne was happy t0o...

Getting their champion tr0phy!!!

Taking gr0up ph0t0s... Yeah! *twist*

I have d0ne my j0b by taking pics already. N im damn s0 hungry le. Rueshed d0wn with0ut having my lunch. *st0mach gr0wling*

Jasmine,the pretty babe p0sing f0r the camera.Dun u dare t0 say that she is n0t!

Yaya, tats all im sharing with u guys t0day. Buh-bye!

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