30 November 2005

wear c0ntact and dyed hair


H0w is my pic's entry??

Quite b0ring rite?

I n0e i n0e...

Wake up damn the early t0day. Cos i never even sleep well in the night.

S0 c0ld and i just flip n turn ar0und the wh0le night.

W0ke up ab0ut 8 in the m0rning. Wad a great acheivement man.


Jane came my h0use and b0ught mi lunch lunch lunch.

She b0ught Xin zh0u beeh00n, and Gu lou p0rk(wad a bad Hanyu Pinyin).


It was al0t l0rs. Den we called Ericia d0wn t0 help us g0bble up the f00d.

Hahas. She didn't help much anyway. Eat so little 0nli.

After that we are veri sian mahx.

Den called Jerald l0rs. T0k s0me lame things wif him den put d0wn the ph0ne le.

B0th 0f them very naughty l0rs. Skipped less0n den c0me t0 my hse f0r refugee.

Bad student examples.


Ar0und 5 i quickly asked them t0 packed my r00m as it was like s0 damn hell messy.

N i had t0 wash s0o0o many b0wls.

After they went 0ff, i d0 my pian0 h0mew0rk as is needed t0 pass up. I was s0 tired until i can d0ze 0ff halfway finishing my w0rk. Im super pro.


Oh ya. I w0re my c0l0ur c0ntacts and and and....

Dyed my hair le!!!


My c0ntacts sux lahs.

N0t say sux bahx. Maybe bc0s i've been tw0 m0nths nv wear c0ntacts until its veri unc0mf0rtable l0rs.

The lens seems t00 big f0r mi. 0r maybe my pupils are small.

Cann0t blame.

Hahas. when wearing will feel that abit blur l0rs. I asked Jerald if he 0s0 has he 0s0 said yes.

Well, l00k veri 0bvi0us and like a gh0st!!!

I've g0t red hair.

It's realli RED in c0l0ur 0k!

I th0ught it wun be s0 red but it turns 0ut t0 be red!!!


Nice actualli. I nv dye s0 much t0day. Jus s0me high-light.

Tis sat den i will dye s0mem0re.

Dun be JEALOUS 0k!

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