02 December 2005

0ut wif michelle and mama


Yestersay was a w0nderful w0nderful day.

I've g0t l0tsa thingy t0 say and l0tsa pics t0 be upl0aded.

So please bear with this lenghty but interesting p0st 0k?

I knew u w0n't leave mi, s0 c0ntinue reading it bahx....

Hmmmx.. I w0ke up ar0und 8 in the m0rning.

Because we are meeting at 10am.

G0ing Orchard. Hahas.

10am at Orchard seems funny rite?

So early where the hell g0t ppl?

We reached and waited awhile f0r my aunt.

Then,a malay guy came up t0 us and asked us t0 d0nate.

What the farkk. Guess how much was it? It was 10 bucks.

So much l0rs. Wa la0.

He gave me a dunn0e what thingy and keep f0rcing us t0 d0nate.

To make 0ur life easier, chelle and i each gave him 5 bucks and walked away.

Met my aunt and we when sh0pping ar0und.

Went t0 her sal0n at Wheell0ck Place.The Salon.

Veri nice place l0rs. If u wan a hairdo g0 there bahx.

Tell mi and maybe can haf abit disc0unt l0rs. Kekes.

After that we went sh0pping all around Orchard.

I saw these bear and Santa clauses.

They were s0 cute!! Omg!!

I walked there and 1 0f the bear bear waved at mi.

We hug hug and shake hands very tightly.

Then it pull mi away fr0m my c0usin and aunt and t0wards the Santa clauses.

Hahas. So cute!

The 0ther girl's bear bear then kneel 0n the fr0m infr0nt 0f mi and wanted t0 sh00k hands.

Hehes. It then drag mi t0 the Santa Clauses and the 1 0f the Santa Claus gave mi a phamlet 0f T0ys'r'us.

It den keep f0ll0wing behind us and i decided t0 snap a pic 0f them.

cute bear bear and handsome Santa. He really very shuai w0rx. kekes.

Kawaii nehx! me and cute bear bear. *twist*

Bloody hell blogger dun allow me t0 put in pictures AGAIN!!

I hate it!

Well, went t0 Parag0n and ate l0ads 0f things.

So expensive 0f c0s.

Aunt bought a hat and 2 pants f0r me.

Went to Free Banana eat and the service was damn s0 farkking sl0w l0rs.

you can just wait f0r the billing f0r 45mins after eating!!

Dun u think is ridiculous??

The food there is expensive!!

But the thing i like was the waiter and waiteress there.


They s0 friendly l0rs. Will chat with us.

Hais. Gtg le.


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