27 December 2005

belated merry christmas!!

Merry belated Christmas!!!

hey peeps... i've g0t a w0nderful christmas this year, h0w ab0ut u??

It was my 15th christmas and it was such a meaningful 0ne.

Thank y0u darlingsss f0r spending this christmas with me. And the presents by all 0f u!I love it very much nehx!



ericia,huiqing,jerald and me was at jane's h0use bc0s her h0use g0t bbq party.

then we saw 'lao da'(aaron) there. he take wine f0r me and jane drink n drink n drink. hahas.

later we di siao him ab0ut his height and then we played black jack with punishment drinking 1 cup of tap water.

After that was present exchanging session, we exchange present with each 0ther with kiss fr0m jane and huggies fr0m every0ne! *hug hug*

Onli ericia didn't get to hug jerald. Wad a waste! hais.

We played snow spray and bathe in jane's h0use bc0s 0f that sticky f0am. YUCKS!


jane,jiekie and jerald came t0 my h0use and we haf a mini party bef0re we went 0ut t0 t0wn.

jiekie was helping Jane and i putting 0ur make-up while jerald was lonely waiting. hahas.

i must admit that we spent l0tsa n l0tsa time putting those make-ups. t0o bad l0rs.

we are girls, s0 we w0n the battle! nanny nanny p0o p0o.

i must say that i l0ve this day n i hate it al0t t0o!

I wore a pretty 0utfit n it turns 0ut t0 be disaster after tat night!

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