11 December 2005


Went t0 malaysia yesterday.

Roam ar0und Kulai and went t0 the new sh0pping center there.

I still think the best place in Malaysia was Kuala Lumpur.

Other then KL, the places were so sian and dirty.

Can't stand it. I can see and smell dead rats al0ng the streets.

Yucks! I hate it! Jane w0uld scream if she was there.


Yeahs. Went t0 Kulai Hypermarket.

There was a t0tal sian. F**k it!

Very very little sh0p 0nly.

In 1/2 hour you can shop finish the whole shopping center already.

It is huge but inside is all supermarket and supermarket and supermarket.

So many, confirm close down sooner or later l0rs.


Bought a halter-neck bareback top for only RM11.90 which is only cost $5.36 in Sing dollar.

A 3/4 sport pant for RM16.90 which is Sing dollar $7.61 ONLY!!!

So cheap! Its seems like i very cheapskate right?

Keep on buying so cheap clothings.


Too bad. So cheap who will not buy when it is nice?

Next we went to marybrown and eat.

Wa lao. Damn nice l0rs.

The chicken is s0o0o tasty and delicious.

Even better then KFC's. KFC's chicken sux l0rs.

Marybrown also very cheap, my whole family ate ar0und RM21++ which is 0nli $9++ 0nly!!

So sad singapore don't have, if n0t i will eat it everyday.

Until i grew fat. Hahas =P

Guess what we did after eating?


We went to sing! K box lehs!

Malaysia got k box mehs? I don't know.

It's n0t the K b0x in singapore, it's Karaoke box (short form K box).

Kekes. Understand?

It is many many small cubical situated all around the shopping center and you can just went into any 1 of it and sing!

Of cos you need to pay lahs. Very cheap only.

Erm. RM1 per song($0.45). Hahas. Funny right?

My mummy and i went in and sing 1 song only lahs.

Just to try for fun. Hehes.

We sang 'Tong hua' lehs. Requested by my mummy de.Very seldom she know pop songs lors. Everytime only sing oldies. Kekes.

The music was loud and we sang even louder! Hahas.

Not allow to take pics inside de. I don't know why.

But i managed to secretly snapped a few pics inside.

Exclusive pics!!

Mummy singing so enthusially. Don't interrupt her song!

Wah. The mtv female lead is dying i still laughing while singing. Not into the song at all!

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