09 December 2005

a week's entry

Im so sorry for this late late entry.

Im very busy this week.

Newest updates 0f myself.

Jerald, Jane, Ericia and I is opening our very business for 3 days at Cintech 1 on 15dec, 16dec and 21dec.

We will be selling lots and lots of Christmas gifts and stuffs.

I don't know whether i should post out those items that we are selling or not if i do it will n0t be surprise anym0re!
If you want to buy some gifts for Christmas gifts emember to come our stall okies?
Contact me for more info and pictures of our items.

Email me alright?

Oh ya. Hmmmx.

Jerald must be at Thailand now.

So good worx.

Jane must be shopping around in Taiwan bahx.

Those 2 enjoying their aboard while im s0o0o0 l0nely.

What is this world coming to?

I bet nobody is miss me l0rs. *roll eyes*

Nevermind, i love my friendster peeps. Guess what?

11 people add me this m0rning. That was freaking much for me.

I want more more more!


Went to meet Ericia in school to buy my sec 4 books.

As per normal, i was late.

Kekes. *sticking tongue out*

And that stupid guardman stopped me and questioned me where am i going.

WTF. Just because i went in with my coloured eyes n hair which is tied it into a funny style.

Hahas. I kn0w i just l00k like an ahlian, g0t n0 rights t0 argue with the guard.

Just wondering how could i enter the school and attend the photo editing workshop with my coloured hair.

Sian. Don't go better, if not later cannot enter into class waste my time going.

We went to JP to shop shop around as i was suppose to accompany Ericia de.

At first really is sian l0rs. Went to Value to buy cards. Then drank chocolate milktea.

Next Ericia and i went into PMK and saw a jumper cum t shirt which she likes very much. But the price was wonderfully expensive. Diao.

Next was This Fashion, I bought 2 tops from there and it was freaking freaking cheap 0k.

1 i decided t0 wear t0 Christmas celebration with my darlingss and the 0ther 1 save f0r New Year. So nice can. i like it very much.

Went to Pink Q and bought a bracelet, a pair of earrings and lipoil (i did not spell it wrongly).

Pictures pictures..

shh.. we took it at the fitting room. hahas.

My newly bought tops. Altogether $11.70 only!!

Hair extention, bracelet, earring and lipoil.

close-up 0f my lipoil. look at the inside, g0t flower de. hehes.

After shopping, me and Ericia went t0 the pasar malam nearby and bought some food to eat.

We then called Jerald to come down and help us eat the food also.

See i so good lehs.


Lucky he g0t say thank you to me in his blog, still consider he g0t liang xin lahs.


He didn't thank Ericia and she is damn mad about it.

Hahas. Too bad l0rs. =P

We sat below his house and eat. He ate abit then go back le.

Because he told his dad he just went downstairs awhile. Gosh.

Whatever, me and Ericia finished the f00d and quickly went back h0me le..

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