16 February 2006

happi valentine's day


came back 0nce again t0 update my bl0ggie...

sian arr...knn... tummy ache sia..

n0t wanna g0 t0ilet l0rs.. is having w0men's day 0f the m0nth...

wa la0 eh.. in sch de time feel like dying lia0x.. wth...

spent my 14th single valentine's day AGAIN! but last year im n0t w0rx.. c0s g0t ex t0 acc0mpany wif mahx..hehes...

g0t bf s0 wad.. 0s0 nv g0 0ut celebrate n0rx.. sian..

let mi warn u first.. tis entry will be super duper l0ng n maybe abit b0ring t0 u(i dunn0e).. read if u r interested 0k? im sure u r interested de lahs.. dun deny.. hahas.. nevertheless,click the [x] at the t0p right hand c0rner the webpage t0 make urself dissapear k..?

tis year alth0ugh n0 bf budden n0t l0nely sia..

quite fun hanging wif fwens t0o..

1st time getting pressents fr0m ppl 0s0.. kekes..

n0t valuables nv n0rx.. its the lil lil th0ughts tat c0unts mahx..

in sch i g0t big plushie r0se fr0m my darling jerald n lesbii jiekie early in the m0rning... s0 swiit...

th0ught u wun gif mi sia.. hahas.. surprise surprise..

den in f &n class r0y threw a sweet t0 mi n it landed in my chest's p0cket.. l0ls..
perverted candy! he said it was my valentine's present.. which was like.. s0 cute! he gave mi a sweet as present.. hahaha.. dunn0e sh0uld i be laughing 0r crying.. i tink sh0uld be happi c0s he gave it t0 mi arr.. i steal jane rum0ur's guy... lalala~ jane must be jeal0us jeal0us..

den went back t0 my 4v3 class keiji was giving 0ut ch0cs t0 girls.. guess wad..

he b0ught a packet 0f ch0c n gave each girl 1 in my class..

he didn't wan t0 gif mi at first c0s he said it is 0nli f0r girls tat r l0nely n n0t attached..

well, im n0t wad... he dun believe.. he t0t i was attached? hahas.. wad a great j0ke tat i w0uld be attached l0rs..

in the end he gave mi t0o.. kekes..

funni bunni..^.^

tis was wad happened in sch00l lahs..

quite fun de n0rx..

after sch went celebrate my valentine's day wif jane, jerald and jae baek at jp's crystal jade.. went there t0 eat.. s0 full... yum yum..

we den g0 sh0p sh0p awhile den jae baek g0 0ff 1st.. i t0ld him n0t t0 c0me back if he g0es if n0t he is in luv wif mi.. but he came back again.. hahas.. den i say 'g0 away lahs, i saw u 0ne m0re time means u miss mi arhx?' l0ls.. bhb mi.. and den n0t l0ng after... i saw him near the escalat0r tat we r taking t0o.. s0 i just c0ncluded tat he misses mi.. l0ls..

0f c0s tat was jus craps lahs.. h0w can tat be real man.. i say f0r the sake 0f saying nia..

every0ne went hme ard 4 c0s jane n jerald g0t tuiti0n tat night 0rhx.. sian sian sian..

at nite i was s0 sian s0 i feel like g0ing 0ut t0 gain s0me l0ve in valentine's day..

hahas.. in fact is wanna get presents f0r my sistas n return present mahx.. cann0t be s0 bad de rite.. recieve den nv return..

0f c0s seeing c0uples l0vely in the streets w0uld get jeal0us lahx.. but t0o bad i n0 bf mahx.. n0b0dy t0 blame.. ke lian h0rs?wadever.. n0b0dy cares t0o..

i met jiekie at jp ard 8 plus den we quickly went t0 buy presents.. we b0ught sparkles t0o! c0ol rite? playing sparkles veri r0mantic de w0rx.. guys can try tis 0ut wif ur girlfriendsss... i guranteed they will feel deeply in l0ve wif u n0rx..

well... BENTO BOX is s0 fully filled with humans n humans n humans.. s0 many bangalah 0s0.. wth.. n den saw tat t0opid piggy busy w0rking l0rs.. hahahas.. beware 0f mi.. i peep!

meet jerald after his tuiti0n.. went t0 play 0ur sparklesssss...

we tried t0 make the w0rd.. 'i love(a picture 0f heart) u' but didn't manage t0 light it up fast en0ugh.. jerald lahs.. s0 sl0w.. aiy0z..

when jerald n jiekie wanna thr0w up the lighted sparkle 0n the tree, a farking pregnant lady kp0 sia.. c0me d0wn n sc0ld us.. say wad.. we will burn d0wn the trees n playgr0und..wtf.. depressi0n arhx? we went t0 a shelter n we c0ntinued playing.. l0ls..

i n0e u pe0ple is getting veri b0red reading this wh0le chuck 0f w0rds..

there is an0ther bl0g u can read t0o n0rx..


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