09 February 2006

l0ng delay

it has been ard 2 m0nths since my last entry...

wad the hell...

t0day i nv g0 sch..

p0n p0n p0n..

muscle ache n slight fever in the m0rning..

well.. im n0t dead yet..

i dun bear t0 leave my darlingssss...



in case u r interested in wad im d0ing all tis while..

let mi tell u.. i've led a w0nderful life..

hahas.. i've g0t a w0nderful christmas, a madness f0r c0untd0wn,meaningful life in sec4v3, a fabulous chinese new year, as well as a super duper tired cr0ss c0untry..

my life is s0 happily packed rite? h0w b0ut urs den?

i went c0untd0wn 05 wif my sp0rting mummy n we 0nli manage t0 reach hme 6am in the m0rning.. crazy isn't it? all the cabs is either fully 0n call 0r b0oked.. dia0x

06` i went t0 my n0isy z0o which all the animals inside l0ves t0 CLAPS.. we had a fun time 0f c0s.. we are 0ne big family..

tis year's angba0s n0t realli get al0t nahx.. but my new year cl0thes r s0o0o damn al0t l0rs..
i b0ught 12 t0ps n 8 b0tt0ms.. 1 cap.. 3 pairs 0f sh0es(1 d0llie sh0e,1 sandals, 1 pink high b0ot).. i had NEW undies n sexy pyjamast0o.. but nv c0unt h0w many 0f them i've g0t.. hahas..

fr0m the t0e t0 t0p im new!


yay yay! i came in 29 c0mpeting wif 260++ ppl 0kies..

n0t a veri g00d result lahs.. BUT BUT BUT.. i came 0ut t0 be the 3rd girls hu reach the ending p0int in my class.. and tat means.. i will get the class team award.. jane came in 1st,lijuan 2nd,mi 29th(better hide my face.. malu), kenny n keiji either 4th n 5th 0r wadever, raghu 9th... my class g0t fast runners!!

s0o0o0o happi nehx..

but there is s0mething tat sp0ilt the m0od.. we cant get a cab at all!

we left at ard 6plus n 0nli g0t a cab by 7 plus.. damn all taxis..

i haf t0 feed the m0sqit0es there.. next time u g0 macritchie pls help mi n0tice whether the m0sqit0es there grew fatter an0t 0k? grrr... itchy...


help mi scratch lahs..


Ohh ya... valentine's day is jus jus jus 5 days later!

i tink i g0nna led a l0nely valentine's day le bahx..

hu ask mi t0 be single n0rx..

i dun wan! l0ls... date mi lahs?? im free...

get mi fl0wers n i will l0ve u till melt 0kies?


i wan r0se r0se r0se r0se r0se r0se n r0ses......

craze f0r ch0cs n r0ses n0wadays...

kie kie...

l0ng p0st...

c0ntinue an0ther day...

stay tunedn c h0w i led my v day 0hh...

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