09 March 2006

rep0rt b00k...

hey hey..

0kies lahs.. i update my bl0g n0w can??

ii n0e ii damn s0 l0ng nv update lia0x.. c0s i cann0t use c0m f0r t0o l0ng l0rs..

s0 n0 time t0 bl0g.. my parents lahs.. nag n nag like hell.. damn it...

and h0rs... g0t things t0 bl0g lahs.. budden cann0t bl0g 0ut.. c0s cann0t l0rs.. n dun ask y..

ii dun feel like bl0gging tat again t0o.. WASTE 0f my time.. g0sh~

s0rri if u ppl haf been seeing the same 0ld entry n get frustrated by tat c0s ii n0e ii nv update lahs.. 0k0k.. my fault..

s0 happi.. these few days friendster g0t al0t 0f ppl add mi.. hahas..

ard 10 each day.. al0t huh?? t0day g0t 8.. ytd g0t 14 the day b4 g0t 6... kekes..

afterall is jus an0ther acc 0f mine, nth t0 be happi abt.. CHEY~

0h yeahs.. t0day get back my rep0rt b0ok..

guess if i g0t did well an0t???

hahas.. n0t bad lahs.. but still can be impr0ved, haven reach my ideal mark yet.. but i DID impr0ved fr0m last year 0kies!!

my sec 3 life sux like hell man.. FAIL FAIL n FAIL alm0st every subject.. but still manage t0 ch0p a place in express.. hahas... i must be the luckiest w0men in the w0rld...

hmmmm... decided t0 bl0g 0ut my 'l0se face' marks.. but pr0mise mi u dun laugh h0rs! u r n0t any better t0o.. l0ls...

EL - C6
MT - B3
E maths - B3*** (last year 46, tis year 65)
Chem,Bio - D7***(last year F9)
SS, Geo - A1*** (last year was 39, tis year 75)
F & N - B4

haf u laugh enuff?? hahas.. t0ld u is n0t a g00d mark but im happi wif it..

ii wish i c0uld get 15pts f0r my O, get int0 sp 0r np 0r nyp..

s0... m0tivate mi t0 study n0w... i nid m0tivati0ns..

0hhh, t0k abt sk00l.. there's a new m0vie DORM abt sk0ol de..

i wanna watch!! i l0ve gh0st m0vie but im SUPER scare 0f it..

ii l0ve t0 pay n scare myself.. i tink i mad..

fwens fwens fwens.. wan watch ji0 mi g0 kies?? i veri ON de lahs..


ehh.. tag mi b4 u leave lehx.. my tagb0ard s0 l0nely there..

v0te my p0ll 0s0 lahs.. hahas..

ii tink u ppl had t0 wait f0r dunn0e h0w many days den i will bl0g again lia0x..

happi waiting n happi reading t0o!!


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