14 March 2006

went 0ut

sibei sian..
try t0 rack 0ut s0mething t0 bl0g..
went 0ut wif parents 3 days ag0.. which is.. Saturday..
saw jerald 0n the same bus.. he call mii den ask mi where m ii..
c0nfirm ii n0e he in the same bus as mi le l0rs..
0nli saw his striking spec.. nv saw his face..
l0ls.. s0 bad..
went t0 Marina square i tink..
den dere veri nice l0rs..
all the sh0p veri IN sia..
gud place f0r teenagers..
n yes.. dere indeed g0t al0t 0f teenagers..
budden n0t jappy de..
0h ya.. mii n my mama walk walk mahx..
den suddenly saw a gr0up 0f quite jappy style guys lahs..
ard 5 ppl.. den 2 0r 3 quite hands0me de..
1 0f them saw mi den he p0ke the 0thers t0 l00k at mi l0rs..
den guy A say.. ' chi0bu lehx, my style de'
guy B replied.. 'lets f0ll0w her, u all g0 l00k at her lahs.'
den 2 guy cut acr0ss mi n my mama den turn t0 l00k at mi..
i stare at them den l00k 0n the fl00r lia0x..
guy B say.. ' eh.. quite chi0 lehx, eyes big big de.'
dia0x.. my mama heard wad they say den my mama laugh..
hahas.. i t0t my mama will n0t happi 0r wad l0rs.. but she jus laugh n laugh..
kns.. liddat call big eyes bigger den mi call fishballs arhx?? l0ls..
funni.. den they f0ll0w us veri cl0sely until my mama wanna g0 t0ilet den i stand near t0ilet there wait.. they feel paiseh t0 wait s0 they walk 0ff le l0rs..
back hme de time saw 3 0f my pri sch fwens..
they under my 0pp0site de blk..
0ne guy say.. ' ka0, pri sch n sec sch realli change al0t'
the 0ther guy say.. ' she stay s0 near u u nv ji0 her mehx?'
big bully.. last time always bully mi de l0rs..
hmph.. bleahx..
tats all..
funni day..

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