02 January 2007

2007 new year countdown!

Happi 2007!!! another year haf passed so quickly...

imma so damn tired today n its have been 20hours since ii left home n back again.

hahas. guess wad? ii tonning at His house ohh.

kinda surprise tat mummy wud let mi ton outside, yay!!

she treat mi super nice these 2 days lors. allow mi to do wad ii wan.

hope everyday oso like today. den ii will b happiest gurl on earth. hahas.

oh yeahs. ii do had fun at there. hahas.

we play in-between, black jack, mahjiong n coca colas during countdown, ii even saw fireworks ohh.

for ur info, we played wif large sum of $$. tats where the prob came.

n tell ya something, ii slept at 7am in the morning n wakes up at 10am!!

wth! n im still awake at this hour. hahas.

oh ya, we drank volka. ii drink 2 mouth only lors.

40% alcohol, plain absolute volka.

hell man, damn strong n burning can!

im not drunk although, but there r do ppl drunk n vomit.

hahas. smelly!

stupid Him leave mi wif laifu downstair at the sofa slp.

baddie! hahas. but ii was e one dun wanna go into e room lahs.

hmmms, His mum is friendly. but the cousin n aunts was far too fierce lors.


lata part of e day ii went to mit jane lors.

its been YEARS since we last met, which was last month.

hahas. ii force her out to lot 1, we eat n window shop, n ii went up to her hse too!

her parents cute lahs. ask mi eat durian, say nv eat 2 seeds cannot go off.

LOL lors.

after tat ii went to mit my mama, go aunt hse lors.

den ii slp at her place straight aft ii reach.

nevertheless, ii got nagged again lahs. but hu cares.

hahas. tats mi.

ya lors. there goes my new year. but ii tink ii spent it quite meaningfully lahs.

cos im spending it wif all the ppl i love! hehes.


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