03 January 2007

leaders outing..

pig mi sleep till 1pm den wake up. lolss.

today goin out to leaders' outing.

suppose to mit at office at 4.30pm but we ended up waiting for ppl till 6pm.

set off to marina south there de 'zheng fa' eat steamboat.

we using Dynamic Class Funds, so no nidda pay. woohoo.

yeahs. n ii went into arcade n played.

okok. tat was perhaps my less den 10th times went in arcade for my entire life.

den He suddenly went off while eatng halfway.

He haf been so moody these few days lors.

ii sort of noe wad happen. but ii cant help. sad man.

ya lors. den we continue to eat but He went off veri urgently lahs.

den ii became the last few survivor in the whole group, cos they all r too full to eat liaox.

ohh ya. ii bought a piggy frm a person who is gg ard asking ppl to help.

there goes my 13 bucks.

our steamboat became fireboat lors. cos the pan suddenly catch fire den the whole place was like watching at our table. lolss.

aft tat went into arcade play again.

den laifu, yan sheng, ruixing n mi share cab home lors.

actualli wanted to call silver arrow cab(which ii nv heard of it b4), but came the silver cab.

they said silver arrow was fast, but silver cab is fast too.

mi n lamer laifu lame in the cab. we play wif our 'ah buii' n 'san bo'. hahas.

ya lors. tats abt today le.
He is sad, so im quite sad too.


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