02 January 2007

updating bout mi...

yeahs. some updates bout recent mi.

erms... i've been working for about a month ii tink.

a job which could haf many many good fwens, him, n even moneyssss!

yeahs. ii got promoted at my 3rd week ohh. now imma leader!

IncisivE by IncisivE!!

heyy folks.. listen up to my cheer n learn it...

is IncisivE in the house? Oh yes!

are you sure? Oh yes!

lets hear it!

in the team of incisive,

we are always decisive!

in the team of incisive,

we are the most destructive!

mentally strong! (echo)

totally sharp! (echo)

we are... happy family~


special thanx to BaoWen n Him for my team cheer n team name ohh!!
hahas. ii love u guys lots!! opps xD

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