26 February 2007

nice experience at CHINGAY PARADE!!

OoOya. ii did went to chingay parade to perform, for both days,

23th(pre parade) n 24th(actual live).

yuppx. veri veri fun n experiencing. cos we r actually dancing infront of e ministers.

n is on e road!! no idoit will dance on e road anytime u like rite. hahas.

yuppx. in total there r 60 of us dancing(excluding our 2 teachers).

managed to find e video clips on YouTube. but im so sadden.

there is 1 more dance which is JIVE was not uploaded in youtube.

hees=)) enjoy!

rock n roll(rock around the clock) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6oAWI89ETQ

clips n pics r nice rite?? but do u noe e price tat performers paid was this.......

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