30 March 2007

boring boring..

today nv go meet darlingg lahs. cos he onli can meet mi at 4.30pm norhx.
ii 6pm must reach jurong le lehx. where got enough time sia. lols.
nvm darlingg. we meet tml k. meeting weikai to collect pay at DAM tml too. hees =))

anyway, ii did take up tat bloddy singtel job lahs. cos nw it change location to boon lay le.
which means ii wun get to see jane, amelin n steph. im all alone. heard tat we haf to wear tat stupid sandwich banner sia.
damn paiseh de can. hope my people there r nice. shit lahs sianx arhx.
BOON LAY!! holy shit. sure saw many friends at boon lay de lor. arrrrgggh.
but nvm. bcos of e good money, i'll keep my mouth shut. its nw increased to $8/hr lehx. so much go where find sia.
work for a day is abt $64 lors. same money as i m getting in DAM. sheesh~

hais. ii got no more time le. going back sch soon. sch as in private sch BMC academy to study for my O's.
starting class tis coming tues, 3apr. can't play anymore le lahs.
pls stop mi. ii nidda study hard. wasted a year le. lols.

hmmmms. im so bored. ii woke up at 11plus am. n now its onli 2 plus pm. i've been spending 2hrs editing my friendster profile, blogging, n made a playlist for my blog!
hahas. but can jus get mi something more constructive to do pls.
im rotting in front of the com nth to do lors. nowadays u do saw mi blogging. but aft 3apr ii might jus dissapear.
cos my parents damn strict lahs. wun allow mi use com le lors. not even a min de lors.
unless ii secretly use in e morning aft they went to work n before ii go for sch. hahahas.
ii found out something, blogging do improves english!
it works on jerald. he got A2 for his eng n he said tis" ii jus write my compo like im blogging lors."
ii tink it do helps abit lahs. but ii dun tink it works on mi. ii didnt blog much tat period but ii got B4. dotss.
janelle blogs everyday. ii tink she will get wooping A1 for eng tis time round. wow.
yeahs. ii shall do tat too.

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