28 March 2007

leaving DAM... happi bdae WEIKAI!!

nahs. didnt went ice-skate today. cant find excuses to not go field. sorry to back up so sudden yx.

mervin, ziwei and mi had a mini celebration for him. bought him a mini cake. hehes.

1st pic: a pic of his bdae cake. lols

2nd pic: a pose wif his cake!!

3rd pic: it was mervin's hand feeding weikai e cake. looks gay lors.

4th pic: yum yum. so sweet! lols. look at e smile on his face!

anyway, ii sort of QUIT DAM. weikai too. dun tink ii will b going back every sat for time being.

ii hate every single bits of there. everyone changed. ii could tell.

veri 'bu she de' to suddenly stop rushing every morning n run for my bus n train to bugis n walk tat long stretch of road to reach DAM n scare being scolded by lee for being late.

aft tat on field nidda stand under e hot sun, approach lotsa lotsa ppl, n stress to set e pace.

im used to tat kinda of life for abt 4 month.. (2 dec 06 till 28 mar 07)

hmmms. enuff. ii went back today is to finish my half bk. den i'll clean my butt n leave.
talked to wilfred abt it. he gave mi e same old thing. company see potential in u.. tats y we tok to u for so many times... blahs blahs.

okok. we slacked. ii went to do manicure wif jolene while on e field today. nice nice. ii onli do 2 thumb so onli $3. cheap lahs. jolene's whole hand $18.90. hees.

ii will realli miss u guys n my daily routine in DAM de. hais. ii realli didnt noe tat he is tat kinda person tat will backstab his own team mates lors. tats nt e usual him. imma dissapointed. sorry jl n wk if its partly my fault.
top left: my train n DAM buddy, small eyed WEIKAI!
top left: my slacker babe, JOLENE!
center left: orh hor, caught JIAN LIN slping again! lolss
center right: my 2 cute buddies having fun.
bottom right: lamer jian lin acting siao. the clown hu always make mi smile n angry!
bottom left: ii wud haf left ealier if nt for him, thx fer e wonderful times.

center: the last time n last thing ii drawn on DAM's whiteboard. a DORAEMON drawn taught by jolene tat lamer.

i will b broke since today onwards. no more income. hais.
pls control my spendingsss!

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