26 March 2007

promoter @ singtel

yucks. it doesn't work like a promoter lors. im more like a MODEL.

it was at a ulu place called, GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX.
it is a place where tons n tons of thais were. n these thais r either TRANSEXUAL, DESPERATE or PERVERTS.

we were paid $7/hr to look like a model(in fact, more like a cheap model), wear skimpy outfit, give out flyers n even hold banners! WTF.
money seems much but its more like promoting our bodies den the stupid hi-cards can.
we're making rounds n rounds ard e mall wif tico pehs disturbing for the entire 4hrs lahs. summore heard tat we r been complaint by some heads in singtel for our attitude in work.
say wad.. we nv look enthu in e work. banners take so low, face like blur blur liddat no smile. he/she so smart ask he/she to do it lahs. lousy job.
heng arhx, we smart, go 'eat snake' if not can bored mi to sleep lors. 4 of us were half dead.
jane shld try walking one round jane.

anyway, nice chatting wif CHIOBU AMELIN. she's friendly lehx. n we chatted ALOT. hahas.
awwww. best part. my eyes r red. dunno y.
dunno whether still working next week anot. those girls wanna quit le lehx. hais. sianx.

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