28 March 2007

slacking at Kbox!!

hees. i tink ii gonna go bankrupt real soon. i've been spending money every single day.
ytd went to see a doc. for my eyes being red like a rabbit.
stupid DAM wans mi to produce an MC for them. fuck lahs. ii got 2 days MC lors.
den met yingxian n went to do e cheap $5 manicure. amazingly yingxian did it too.

nice nice!! aft tat ii met my parents. den they funni lahs. suddenly jio mi go watch late movie.
den we watched haunted school. woooosh~ damn damn scary!
if ii say its scary. simply means u will tend to not dare to watch some of e scene. yuppx.

went Kbox to sing, onli 2 ppl so sing till ii shuang man. funni yingxian jio mi go de.
she good lors. bought new laptop. ii wan oso!! ii wan e PINK VAIO de.
there goes my 2 days MC, gonna report to tat damn office tml.
hope ii cant go field. hais. den can go enjoy. hahas.
finish my half book n im gonna quit!! bth e ppl there. no life!

tink im goin ice-skating wif yingxian tml!!! yeahs!!!

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