02 March 2007

voice coming back???

gosh! its raining heavily the whole day. mama as usual, dun allow mi go work. cos she say no voice n raining in e morning go back office jus for meeting for wad. lols. so mi n mama went 'si bei lo'(waterloo) temple pray lors.

hmmms. bought 2 tees today. kinda like tis kind of tees tat has interesting wordings printed on it. those 2 for $20 de lors. yuppx. n ii found e white demin short tat janelle wans mi to help her find. quite nice worx. but its e last piece so ii didnt get it lors. 25bucks offer till 18. price ok lahs.

wordings: my boyfriend wants this shirt to tell you that I'm taken & not available... for the moment.

oh ya, ii bought maybelline's unstoppable mascara few days ago. for gurls who wans long long lashes, or those gurls whose lashes r as pathetically short as mi, dun worry. u can try tis mascara lahs. cos it do make my lashes turns abt 80% longer. it has loads loads fibre. good for lenghtening but NO volume at all. ii applied abt 3 coats whenever applying tis mascara, cos ii wan abit volume mahx. see the differents.

with maybelline's unstoppable mascara, my lashes finally can be seen!! woohoo~

usual pathetically no lashes mi,

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