29 March 2007

went ice-skating!!!

yay! finally went ice-skating le. veri happi sia. its has been a year since ii last skated lors.

met yingxian n jane for ice-skating. loves it alot lehx. heng ii nv forget how to skate arhx. hahas.

about 3/4 of the time i've been holding on to jane n yingxian lors. the 2 'zhi zhang er tong'. lols.

the 3 of us didnt fall today. pro. skating is so fun lors. ii wan more skating activity!! jio mi jio mi =))

sl called mi today, ask mi whether turning up to work tml. ii said no. lols.

he told mi some things tat he usually wun say. he finally noe zealous is shrinking??

realli dun feel like going back for another 4mth of WE-SHARECARE. i'll die.

pls let mi go pls. ii wanna leave. pls accept e facts pls.


btw, out of boredness, ii DIY something.

my freaking boring clock.

new look of my DIY-ed clock!!!

does it look nicer? n more artistic? it was my 1st artpiece ok.

weikai, thanx for ur paint marker. since it was wif mi i'll use for u. u dun nid it anyway. hahas.

hmmmms. am ii meeting darlingg tml??

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