12 April 2007

arguements, unhappiness. A COMPANION!!

ii dun wanna go THERE. nopex. ii dun wan.
but ii jus gotta keep my gaps shut. ii screwed it up n tats e price ii gotta pay.
ii will argue my ways out! PARENTS = no life.
MY PARENTS IS......... they use mi as something to 'how lian'.
but there seems nothing they will praise mi about.
if ii got award, its still not 1st.
got 1st, because is THEIR hardwork behind.
n they will start using mi to how lian around to their fwens.
ii dun like it!
failed my exam, cos I'M stupid,I'M lazy, I talks on fone all day, surf e net all day.
passed exams, its onli a pass.
they compare!
yesh. ii cant get into poly. so wad. imma girl im still young.
can always retake wad. everyones makes mistakes.
n ii already swallow my ego n retake my 'O's wad else they wans?!
now... they cursed mi that ii wouldn't pass my 'O's.
if ii passed, is im lucky. thats wad they said last nite! ii cant believe my ears.
they even said ii made them lose face in front of their fwens by saying im re-taking.
said no use re-taking. my studies ald so bad. re-take oso sure fail. F***!
said ii wasting their money to re-take, wants mi to return them e fees.
return return lahs. no money arhx. Ch**B**!
cant they jus haf some encouraging words??!!
i'll try my best to get my ass in poly next year.
n if ii succeeded, ii wun let them haf the chance to use mi n how lian!
I'M NEVER BEEN PRAISE FOR ANYTHING. so wad if im e only child.
not their precious at all!
kinda lonely now. being onli child is not good!!!!
parents attention, no bros or sis to tok to.
n im now under some kind of curfews!
No long chats on e fone. No long usage of com. Straight back home after class.
I'll die can.
ii haf an urge to own a

rabbit or even guinea pig!!

its cute. it could accompany mi. it makes mi busy :))
cos ii simply nids someone to speak to. im not mad!
get mi one of those!! or i'll get myself one some times later.
my parents dislike these creatures. n ii suppose they dun allow them to enter.
but ii dun give a damn!

WHO will loves me...??

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