19 April 2007


im so so tired now. after a day of maths lesson n shopping wif the girls.

janelle n rachael. its suppose to b a cam-whore session for us lahs.

in e end onli took this few pics. hahas. n so ii cam-whored at home.

trying to act emo lahs mi. kept wearing black n white these few days.

but ii dun haf that emo face. so ii suck at acting emo. =((



the 3 pretties.

Randoms at home.

Trying to act emo. but ii tink ii failed.

so ii tried something more bitchy. but ii dun look bitchy too sia.

hahas. thats about all. going to bathe n sleep already.
plssss tell mi... whether ii look like a 16 going 17 girl anot???!!! =))

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