09 April 2007

easter day...

work again lahs. cant wake up lors.
ii wake at 9.40am liddat. rush myself like mad.
den managed to reach BL at 10.30am. pro hors. hahas.
ytd work cant sit de. but is more relax den last sun.
cos ii veri slack. nv jio ppl call e 8 mins free.
they wan jus ask frm mi, nobody ask den ii continue smsing. lols.
den raining in e noon summore. cos business nt so good ytd mahx.
den a guy say ask mi stand at e wind area, let my skirt been blown, once is enuff.
he said e Q will b damn long. hahas.
lucy still added on say my undies must b red. so ii can be wad 'red women' de.
damn funni can! hahas.
indeed my skirt keep flying cos of e wind lahs. heng ii smart enuff to wear shorts inside.
hees =))
weiliang n yong zhong dropped by BL bout evening time. lols.
ii hate banglahs there lahs! ask mi stupid ques jus to tok to mi.

a conversation wif 1 tico banglah...

tico bangalah:" singtel got free wad?"

me: "t-shirt, 8mins free talktime"

tico bangalah:"only liddat arhx? no more?"


tico banglah: "never free u go home wif mi??"

me: "*roll eyes* NO!"

me: "BYE BYE!" thank u, BYE BYE! (turned my back n walked off)"

WTF. ii hope birds shits on him lor. hu wans to go back wif him!

aft work parents came n fetch mi den go eat dinner lors. hehes.
ii went off at 8.55pm. shhh!! lols.

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