29 April 2007

happy or sad???

happy is...
the girls nv gave mi troubles today!
im not bored to death at workplace. lets hope every sunday is like today.
funni lors, my in-charge changed 3 times today.
1st was jason, den weiliang, next... wl's friend(ii dunno his name =P).
ii jus dun understand y ppl like to do things last min.
even buying a hi! card oso so last min.
make us work till 9.30pm n we onli paid till 9pm. wth!
ken haf asked mi to work at golden mile this coming tues, 1st may.
yeahs. its labour day. which mean i got to work on labour day! gosh~
weiliang dun put mi aeroplane lehx. must work full day hors.
u said confirmed de arhx!
if nobody accompany mi i oso dun wanna work liaox. okok??
lols. as if he's reading this. xD

sad thing....
that 2 old antique of mine(mum n dad) is so damn noisy can.
they dun tok, they shouted. wth did i do sia.
no movie no shopping no meeting of frens. i can die ok.
they rather take leave frm work n sit at home looking at mi.

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