22 April 2007

irritated day..

i lost my whole long entry! damn blogger!
back from my singtel work.
sians. my 'big aunt' came today. feel so....
unwell n tired, but ii still got to wear that flying white skirt.
i woke up late again. arrgghh.
i didnt reach at 10.30am. i reached at 10.57am. lols!!
got myself a chair at work today, but dun care to sit.
im like a loser. shit mi.

jason is a nice cordinator =))

raymond n brian my entertainer ^.^

xiaoyun n xiaoli, my listening ears 0.0

benjamin(emcee) calls mi 'piao liang xiao jie'. HAHAS!

weiliang n tat guy, boon lay's supporter! (*.*)

my aunt n yingxian, peeps at mi while im working. -.-''

lols! funny.

ohh yeahs. met a fugly pervert today. he's a trouble maker lahs.
mi, jason, xiaoyun, daphne, raymond got irritated by him.
wth. nvm about the problems he gave.
he's even like... pointed at my boobs!
cos im wearing like this.

so he was pointing at those cards.
WTF. those r my breast can! not urs. felt so insulted. CB.
no guys stand up for mi, onli girls do. feel so saded lors =((

only 1 pic for today... damn less make-up.
ii noe look quite hmmmms.. ugly lahs.

some updates of my shopping stuffs!!
dun worry, all paid my mummy=))
missha black nail polish! $2.90

electric eyelash curler. it realli works damn well! $24.90

red tote STRAWBERRY bag! rm29

end my day with this pic..........

my singtel's skimpy uniform. yeahs. short!!

u GUYS like it dun u?? hahas.

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