20 April 2007

MrEggie,Cutie Piggy, Sweetie Janice

hais. i was late for lesson today! sleepyhead mi overslept lahs.
ii am forever late for chem lesson. cursed friday.
late for about 15mins lors. Cutie waited for mi n so both of us were late.
today's chem lesson got go machiam like learn nothing liddat.
cos we were sitted right at the back mahx. so can't c the board.
the guys were lame lahs. especially chong yin.
took my hp n self pics. den purposely changed my bluetooth name to..."i am not who i am..." and "im a pig..". LOLS.
nvm. he still purposely blast the song "Wind it up" so loudly n throw the hp back to mi.
make mi so paiseh. lame lors.
den mi n rach took MrEggie aka mickey mouse's n changed all his profile name,
bluetooth name n even our own contacts name lahs.
hahas. he was so dumfounded can.
for those people who noe, some sony erisson's hp got the programme call PhotoWarp de rite.
wa lao. we take turn n take pics by tat programme. damn cute lahs.
i swear i haf tons of them, about 50pics on those, which im sure u will laugh
till ur teeth drop if u saw. hahas.
i dunno y i can't load it in my com, but i'll try my best to post it up online.
MrEggie n CutieRach so good lahs.
to accompany mi, they sneak into bio practical lab n bio theory class n acted like bio students.
lols. they did the experiments oso lahs.
BMC science lab got aircon de lors. the apparatus all new one sia.
i tink today is a wrong day for pract lahs.
teacher broke a beaker! the gas tap caught fire!
wa lao. the fire was big! we all so shocked lahs. but the girl, whose gas tap got fire, is so calm.
if is mi i scream n shout like hell liaox. hahas.
next was bio theory, a guy relieve teacher came.
so smartly dressed lahs. the way he teach so professional. i hope he will permently teach
my class lors. =((
rach was so high when the teacher said the word 'cortex' lahs.
cos sounds like 'kotex' mahx. hahas!
the whole of bio lesson i was either cam-whoring using Eggie's hp or playing his game lahs.
shit lahs. i learnt nothing today. lols.
after school we went entertainment center to eat, cos mi n rach was like so broke lahs.
so MrEggie treated us Tofu. thanx worx! hahas. den after eating we went to take neos.
hehes=)) happy lors.
i love taking neos. MrEggie so steady de. took neos wif us.
veri rare guys will like to take neos de lors. lols.
wow. the 3 of us is pretty. hahas.
yes. MrEggie is chio! lols.
guess wad, when we were on the way to the toilet, weiliang called.
lols. i was like... hmmms. ok.
picked up the fone, den he ask mi m i in the neos shop anot.
he saw mi lahs. if not its kind of miracle to receive calls from him. opps. xD
yuppx yuppx. went to mit him. he was at the shop that sell those toys de lahs.
so kiddy. hahas. he said he wanted to wait for his friends n eat..
den he say wanna walk around, shop shop.
ii was like... huh.. here is entertainment lehx. got things to shop mehx??
he say haf lehx. long time nv go there. hahas. abit weird weird. =P
den we splited ways le lors. went to mit mummy n had another round of KFC.
kkiies lahs. enough of craps. pictures!!

jon and MrEggie GAYING ON THE BED!

my Tofu!!

cam-whoring in class...

our neos!!

i dun wan to go tml!!!! ahhhh.

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