18 April 2007

new blogskin!!!


finally managed to change my blogskin.
its giving mi a big headache.
my eyes gonna close soon, with all the bloody HTML codes.
kinda love this skin. simple n sweet. just like mi.
hahas. jkjk.
peeps, do give some comments on my new skin ohh.

oh ya. went to slack under janelle's condo after lesson wif rach n winson(ah buii)!
hahas. we take neos at cck too worx.
kindda funni. we became like so close lahs. janelle extra lahs.
rach is my fwen lehx. lols.

winson! u r funni lors! hahahaha.
lamer us set up a new 'gang' formed by the 4 of us.
janelle, janice(aka linlin), racheal(aka rachie), winson =))
so we r.... the"FATTIES". lols!
FatNelle, FatLin, FatChie, Fatwin~
we r so united until all our msn nick is the same lahs.
hahas. cool man!

mom's not working tml. n ii got no class.
so ii cant sneak out n haf fun. sad sad.
simply loves slacking lahs. especially wif them.

to do list:

buy grey lens
buy maths book
make my ez link card

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