24 April 2007

pss SYF competition...

post for 23-04-06
its my ex-secondary school SYF dance competition.
went n supported those girls! i was actively in chinese dance cca mahx.
once a chinese dance member always a chinese dance member =))
didnt help put much there. but i reached early 7am in the morning.
imagine i woke at about 5plus am. and the night before i slept at 1plus am.
hahas! i was so enthu to go and watch lahs.
cos its 2years once. if i dun go this year, it would be another 2 years later.
by then i should be in poly even not interested to watch liaox.
cos all my batches's junior will soon graduated.
well... those girls did their best. n they it was veri well done too.
i think they deserve either a silver or worst case bronze award.
waiting for their good news this coming thurs!!
too bad they were packed with those damn strong schools.
sg chinese girls n tanglin sec. they dance like professionals can.
they are real dancers! they really can dance, my idol.
i must really dance like them. miss dancing so much!!

we have now merge with indian dance n malay dance.
so its no longer called chinese dance. its dance.
hahas. sadded.
so SFY we were in the modern dance category. not chinese dance anymore.
cannot imagine i was having those damn thick make-up(like wayang women),
and wearing that ugly black costume 2 years ago.
and even that revealing peacock costume 4 years ago.
kind of missing those days.
i brought my digi cam along but stupid me didnt brought extra memory card =((
nim cute lahs. she didnt take part. so she became the troupe's 'manager'.
jane said i look like the reporter! hahas.

captain Ho, i took over ur place as our school's photographer.

some candids...

on our way to NUS UCC..

some other schools...

the dancers...

we didnt forget to cam-whore...

tats all...
ii cant seems to upload the video to youtube. someone got to help mi!

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