02 April 2007


heyy. 2 days neber update lerr. jolene ish my blogg fan! lols.

Saturday, 31-3-06

went collect pay at DAM. den met some of my ex-DAMian. ii kinda miss them lors.
weikai, han jie, yixi, melvynn, xin chyr, connie went to get pay. WE ALL QUITTED except connie.
ohh no. ii hope tats not true. but ii indeed miss LEE, JAVIEN n WILFRED!!
afterall, they do dote on mi. hees.
cant believe i will still miss times in DAM after slacking at home for so long.
ii miss those saturdays when ii always get my pay!! now no income must cut down on expenses le.
aft tat went for "blizzard's outing". went arcade n grab sweets. lols. lame lahs.
ii anyhow spend money again!! wk contributed $11, connie $6, mi $7 on sweets. its damn fun lahs. next time i'll go again n bring $50. cos wad u nid is jus continuously playing for $20++ n u WILL get a jackpot prize.

mountain of sweets!!

my 'bagful' of sweets.

watched pathfinder together wif my boy, wk, connie. den we ate a big tin of popcorn lahs.
the tin is so cute can! hahas. ii brought it home. n DIY it wif WK's paint marker. ii drew it on e train de.
went arcade in e nite again. weijie funni lahs. spent like $20over on e soft toy machine. den some of them contributed abt $10 for him on e machine but still couldn't get any. he wanted to get it for jolene de lors. sho sweet. lols. den we went rushing for the last train.


some memories of DAM, once my 2nd home.

our usual breakfast place.

whiteboard of DAM. 5steps cust. service written by mi.

the JADs- jiawei, jason n nicholas

Zealous's leaders. saw incisive?? lots of misses =((
Xcel by Xcel, Zealous by zealous. who are we... dun...

Ppl there simply loves this table. POOL TIME!

my machandise, license n clipboard! miss them badly=((


Zealous notice board. saw the long chain of movie tics. ii was there too. white A4 paper was our daily news. few greeny sheets was our weekly goals.

DAM's pantry. where we used to eat, gossips n smell shits. lols.

so this is wad hidden inside the dusty cupboard.

our toilet! tang, jian lin, jia wei's hotspot. hahas.

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