09 April 2007


working at singtel again. at an international school campus wif babyy jane!

hahas. it was e most slack work ii had in my life lahs.

nobody de. hahas. whole day onli sold 2 cards(if im nt wrong).

knew a guy hu looks damn like WEI BIN lahs. especially his 45degree angle.

hahas. n his name is WEI LIANG! ii tink they were long-lost brothers.


tat day dunno y ii kept toking n toking lahs. den keep repeating e phrase ' hen gay lehx!'

den weiliang was damn funni n lame lahs. lols. tat TATTOO part!!

he saw mine den he tot he saw wrongly. aft he knew it was fake de he start suan-ing mi lors.
tat O2 hp's game ish fun!! hahas.

we were being paid 8/hr to chat, take pics, play games! wow.

aft work went jane's fwen de fren's BBQ. those guys r real lame lahs.
get to noe gabriel. hahas.
back hme at 12am!! tired tired.


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