10 April 2007


shags. sians.
managed to get to class on time! *woohoo*
must thank weiliang, my personal alarm clock, for waking me up. hees (:
please give janiice the lazy pig a round of applause for being punctual. yay.
she's well known as LATE QUEEN. lols.
sneak out after class with yingxian today. to BUGIS!!
hahas. don't baotoh my mummy please. dun ) :
she lahs. wants to buy her bag for poly.
get a $28 zinc bag at only $22. that guy wants to sell her at $23 de.
then ii use my act cute method to reduce the price to $22. hees=))
ahhhhh. so tired. my eyes are closing real soon!
must be me paying so much attention on teacher and racking my brains
till all my brain cells are dead. it must be so. lols.
its like only 6.45pm lahs. but ii feel like sleeping le!
ii think that pig slept already. hahas.
ii also feel like sleeping lehx. but... now still so early. ROARS.
gosh.. im gonna turn into a big fat pig soon.
all ii know is to eat n sleep. and ii LOVES to SLEEP!!
shit me. someone got to wake me up!
ii got no sense of time now.

latest info: singtel wants us to work for 5 more weeks!!!!
happy happy! =DD

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