04 April 2007

shop shop.. slackk..

went to meet my girlfriend JANELLE today n went shopping.

hahas. our main motive is actually to eat at Crystal Jade lahs.

how nice of her to come down to jp when she live cck. lols. thanx babe.

our food.

ii went to pay my O level fees lors.



we went in toy 'r' us for a round. ii tink that was the most interesting of our whole trip lors.

wahs. we luff like mad lahs. ii tink im the one doing all the stupid actions. im mad.

long time didn't laugh so hard le. hahahahaha. jane oso BTH mi.

ya. den we meet my mama lors. we ate Lai Lai again. hahas.

aft tat mi n jane tot of making ourselves an airbrush de tatoo. so we went to tat shop.

its was kinda ex lahs. those design we wanted is 10 bucks each. ex hors?

onli last abt 5days to 1 week. den the person said must be careful when we sleep.

if not veri easily fade off. cos we wanted to make at our waist mahx.

so went we to buy those temporary tatoo lors. hahas.

dun laugh lahs. ii noe its kiddy.but ii dun intent to do a real de lors. siao arhx. i'll regret.

so bought the temporary tatoo at 77th st @ $3.90. n we split among ourselves. cheap lahs.

oso bought hair extention from chamelon, $3.90 for a pack with 6 inside, as usual, we split among ourselves.

we bo liaox lahs. waste money. hahas. it looks ugly here!

den mama n ii went OP. cos there's sale.

bought a purple short n jeans skirt @ 2 for $20. cheap n chio!!

n another 3 for $10 top. 2 for myself n 1 for jane. cos ii dun nid so many for myself mahx.

its low cut top lahs. so jus shut up if u saw anything.

Something random.

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