14 April 2007


hii :))
thanx all my dearies hu care bout mi. im ok le lahs.
parents treat mi a tiny little better today.
im not going THERE le! they starting school soon mahx.
too rush to apply in. hahas!

changing of workplace*
got to go bai bai on this sun morning.
which means ii wun get to work at boon lay le.
cos boon lay starts at 11am mahx.
n im at somewhere near balestier.
so im re-posted to________ (ur guess??)for this one day lors. hahas.
pretty janelle, sorri for all e troubles lahs.
bu hao yi shi worx! jus 1 days. thanx sweetie!
u benefitted too if there is splashing of water on sunday mahx.
ppl at boon lay quite ok de. jus bear wif those bangalahs for 1 day pls.
hahas :))
actualli quite paranoid but my location on sunday lors.
ii dunnoe how to get there! n... ii scare no fwen.
summore tat place like veri paiseh! lols.


FREAKY!! (ii meant 13th apr on friday)

bunny/guinea pigs/you pls??

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