02 April 2007



woke up 9.30am. was so shock! cos im suppose to report work at 10.30am.
ii dunno how ii do it. but managed to get my ass of out hse at 10am lahs.
den reach there abt 10.10am lors. hahas. tats e good thing abt working near ur area.
my ppl there not bad lehx. all quite friendly de. all talked to mi lors.
lucy(event promoter) is getting abit tough on e workers lahs. but not mi. heng arhx.
ii slack like wad can. ii happy den jio cust. not happy stand there look around.
even there is ppl wanna use the fone. they will make FULL use of the 8 mins.
its damn long can 8 mins. tat is when ii can sms, call jane n others. hahas.
most relax part of tat hp they gave has lousy batt in it lahs. so batt went down.
n when ii put it to charge. i'll stick my ass on e chair, when lucy oso dun get to seat =P
den ii went for early lunch break too. ii had a girl to accompany mi lors.
ate long john for lunch cum dinner. cos ii noe ii wun get to eat le.
customer damn lots ytd. sales damn good. dunno y.den they haf nt enough workers to attend to them.
tat is where ah pehs, blangadesh look for mi n haf a chat abt the hi-cards. dots.
tingting was allocated to woodlands to replace steph de. but she quitted halfway.
saying tat is was tough work cos ppl there dao her, n she said wear too little cos ppl there dun allow her wear jacket over lahs. n said its unhealthy. ii tink its still ok lors.

hahas. cos my ppl here good mahx. n can wear jacket over.
yx so good lahs. pay mi a visit at work den accompany mi go take away supper.
hope ii still get to work next sun. *crossed fingers*
ii wanna earn money!! den can do rebonding le. hahas.

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