16 April 2007

work @ bedok!

ii reached my workplace jus on time.
wa lao. the sheng siong stinks like the market lahs.
bo bian got to tahan. hahas.
people there damn nice. so friendly so polite. ii reached there den all started to say 'hi' to mi.
onli thing sucks is... the booth damn cramp can. damn hot n stuffy. machiam having suana sia.
we all sweat like hell. smelly smelly. ii tink ii stinks lehx. shit.
hahas. but there no tico pehs. no bangalahs. good good.
got to noe a guy there. he quite fun de lors. became like close within a day.

but ii nv ask for his name! hahaha.
he guess im 20 lehx. ii say ii 16 goin 17 he damn shock lahs.
he go tell around the girls ii 17 all said can see that arhx. by my childish acts. lols!
ii admit im damn lame lahs. ii actually folded paper aeroplanes, box wif the flyers.
hahas. even weiliang buay tahan mi. snatch my plane away.
ii damn slack lors. 50+++ sales onli 1 customer use the free talk time. stupid.
ii sit at the chair till can sleep liaox lahs. den weiliang keep toking on e fone. n disappear to nowhere wif his kakis.
damn sians. until ii kept bombing janelle n rachael's hp.
grrr. had my dinner wif tat singtel shirt guy at 7.15pm den slack until 8pm den walk back.
hahas. we slackers slack the whole day.
heng is weiliang den can slack lors. back to boon lay damn sians liaox.
boon lay slack will get scolded. lols. but ii still wans boon lay! imma lazy bug, dun wanna travel.
towards the end we guys r playing lors. they were discussing about how skinny i m...
wad my hand like dislocate if they squeeze/turn my hand. rubbish!
den im there busy entertaining myself. tieing the guys hands n arms wif the stopwatch string.
hahas! they cannot tahan mi lors. tsk tsk. kanna bullied by mi. lols.
finally work ends. ii went to change while waiting for weiliang.
wow. we walked a super duper long road back to the mrt station. sweat sweat.
so dark scary scary. lols.
den in the train we were listening his mp3. den he blast so loud lahs. hahas.
the 2 china boy boy girl girl beside him so cute! damn cute lors.
den he is like playing wif them e whole trip lahs. acting cute xD

bully childrens. baddies. lols.
the person beside mi is sleeping. den his head is dropping towards mi lahs.
so ii bo bian keep moving my body. hahas!
he alighted at queenstown den ii continue my rides lors.
thankfully ii reached home safely. hehes.

exclusive! snapped this pic while he is on the fone wif yong zhong. hahas:))

hello, ah zhong arhx. lols!

OMG. he is going to scold mi if he saw this. hahahahahhaha.

*sniff sniff* janice is having flu??
poor janice got to drink more water. healthy as ever!
janice going to b her xiao zhu le.
gd nitex!

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