15 April 2007


muahahahaha. i still haf my blue lens around:)
tink of it ii tink tml is the expiry! hahas. *jump wif joy*
working at BEDOK tml after long long arangements wif the girls.
realli paiseh lahs. its all bcos of mi. guilty le can.
weiliang is working. yay yay. ii got ppl to accompany mi.
not scare not bored le. heng arhx.
but ii still dunno how to get to tat ulu place! wuwu~
working at sheng siong ii will die of paiseh!! grrrr.
weiliang's fwen, zhi qiang, is IC at tebun garden.
which is where rachael will be. hahas.
dun worry. rachael is chio lahs. comfirm chio-er den mi lors.
not attached oso.
but im oso chio ok. hahas! not attached oso. BHB mi! *puke*

as wad i've told janelle, ii gonna suffered from SPLIT PERSONALITY.
one Janice(the happily smiling angel), another Zhen lin(the emo attitude devil).
my parents 'nurture' mi to bcum like tis.
scheming them, brought mi out to haf dinner jus to not let mi stay at home n use e com.
so i purposely chose a japanese restuarant to settle our meals there.
a hole in their pocket. hahas. scheming mi too.

mama looking at e menu, papa in yellow queuing up.

our meals...

look at the amount of wasabi we haf! wasabi lovers!

tada! my STRAWBERRY GEISHA!! im indulging it... yummy..

ii better go off to slp le. if nt i'll haf hard time waking up tml.

ii dunno wad should ii reply u. realli dumbfounded after all u had said.
but hope u dun pin hope on mi le bahx. wad we nid to concentrate now is 'O'.
y nt jus remain like wad we r now. friends and good friends? being tgt anot is another prob liaox.
time will brings away everything. we got to learn to b independent le :))
promise mi must b happi ok. ii noe its hard.

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