16 May 2007

angry? jealous?

hmmmms. looks like half the world knew liaox but i don't know?
okok. a story to entertain u people. its a story about a guy n 2 girl.

at this one fine breezy nite, girl A(guy's ex) had a pm pop up by her fren.
the fren was asking whether girl B(guy's current gf) haf new bf?
girl A replied tat girl B's ex is handsome, but they break le.
the fren said, ya, she got a new current bf, looks like the guy(girl A's ex).
high-esteem n over-confidence girl A was thinking,
"impossible lahs, isnt he still holding some memo bout mi?"
girl A went into fs, looked at girl B's profile.
saw 2 photographs taken so close, n tat guy in it resembles the guy.
girl A clicked on those pics, look through it throughly. yeahs, its tat guy.
girl A is full of question marks now.
girl A break wif tat guy not even a month till now.
girl A was wondering.. if tat guy asked for a patch 3weeks ago,
yet y did he stead wif girl B 2-3 week ago too.
girl A than realised tat guy n girl B worked in e same company now. no wonder.
but still... y did tat guy asked for a patch n sounded so serious when he already had another replacement of girl A in his mind...?
tat guy used to wake up 3am in e morning n online to tell all the mushy things to girl A.
tat guy even asked his fren, which is girl A's fren too, to help tat girl woo back girl A.
so girl A asked her guy fren who noe tat guy too.
guy fren said he knew it, someone told him.
girl A asked him who told him, how long ago.
fren replied this... "sry, cannot say"
girl A said this to herself:
"fcuk u ok. i mean fcuk the person who dun allow my fren to say.
dare to stead dun dare to let ex noe? tats weird.
tats it. no wonder the girl B nv jio girl A out for slacking lahs.
n tat guy did not pester girl A for her answer.
well, hope u both will last long!"

reader's feeling:
wa lao eh. so flirt? is he serious about patching afterall? if not dun sound as if u so enthu in patching wif girl A lahs. wu siao bo..?
wan stead den so secretive for wad. guilty? so LOL can!

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