21 May 2007


Baby Hannah turns 4 today!!!!

she's my niece. her dad is american but mom is malaysian.
interesting huh. hahas.

Passed by Caiwei and Yumei's blog n noticed today is their birthday too.

Accompanied Janelle for her 2nd medical checkup.
how sweet am i. hahas! n so we had lunch together =))

4 more days to my birthday! 25th may!

den im going to be SEVENTEEN. how cool isnt it? hahas.
im still SIXTEEN! yay yay.
planning to go clubbing or pubbing on fri lahs. but im so so underage u see.
i noe i can get through wif someone else's ic.. but.. i got a baby face.
dun look like any 18 yrs old teens at all. im so afraid they will check hard on mi -.-
i've been turning my wardrobe around to dig out some mature looking clothes.
janelle suggested tat i shld pinned up my bangs, so as to look not so kiddy.
kylie den suggested i shld apply thick makeups, such as smoky eyes.
hahas. okok. i shall try them out. lols.

if we confirmed going, i might be going wif the bmcian, zhang ting(her 21st bday on 25 may!)precious janelle, ben and his guys.
ben said zouk shld be ok. but i dun tink so lors. zouk lehx,
no underage party is damn so strict lahs.
janelle suggested pubbing n i tink i agrees too. at least pubs doesnt check ICs.
im missing my darlingsss super lots.
will be meeting them on my birthday for a dinner, before chiong-ing.
so excited can!! wahahahas.
Hmmmms. if u have been wanting to get mi a bday present,
i've made things easy for u guys.
there is a list of items under MY WISHLIST at the right scroll.
get mi something there, n i'll be so blissfully blessed.

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