03 May 2007

day after labour day..

start the day well wif a smackable fatass of mine!!

okok. this post is suppose to b on 2nd may!

i was suppose to mit papa n sneak in to eng class.
but i was late! super duper late!
eng class starts at 8.30am. papa wakes mi up at 8am.
n guess wad, im sitting on e bed n continue slping again.
until papa sms mi say he reach liaox den i so shock lahs.
hahas. in e end papa saw chong yin n they 2 waited for mi. reached at 9.30am! lols.
sorri sorri papa. u waited like whole long 1hr for mi n skipped ur eng class.
tsk tsk. im so bad.
went to eat breakfast at long john together. there was like 13 or 14 of us lahs.
all pon eng halfway. cos they claimed its super sian n lousy teacher.
if its real i sure go complaint bmc de. hahas. wadever, i didnt take eng anyway.
kylie n i shared a meal. cos the 2 skinny us sure cant finish a meal wif the 2 super thick sandwich lors. lols.
thanx chong yin for ur jollibean's treat!
after meals we went kpool. hahas. as usual, i didnt played.
i dunno how to play lahs. realli realli dunno. teach mi pls!
after slacking janelle came n mit mi. she came my house to collect her hp.
cos i forgot to bring it out wif mi. sorri lahs darling=((
at nite was webcam-ing wif weikai. n on the phone wif him too.
was teaching him how to make song playlist. webcam is so so fun lahs.
hahas. i wan an acer lappie too.

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