27 May 2007


dated: 25 may 2007

Happy Birthday to me,Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to JaNice, Happy Birthday to me.
祝我生日快乐, 祝我生日快乐,
祝我生日快乐, 祝我生日快乐 =))

I'M 17 ALREADY!!!!


Thank you all my friends who wishes mi happy birthday!
too much to be named already. it's all in my inbox n call list((:
i must say i've got super super sweet classmates lahs! my frens are realli damn sweet can!

had 3 celebrations straight in a day...
after lesson, i was being kept in the class and this is one of their plots.
den rach n winson went out of class before the class ended.
i knew they're goin to give mi some sort of surprises...
but yet,.... im still so so surprised by them!!
winson n rach brought the cake and drinks to class n yes, im so excited already lors.
we continue to cam whore in class anyway...
just as the door opens, i saw some figure who looks like someone i knew.OMFG! it was janelle, carrying a......







of cos i went mad lahs.
janelle told mi i went like..."ahhhh. so cute!!"

Ya. she's a girl. janelle said the shopkeeper calls her Girl Girl.
hahas. still thinking whether to change her name anot.

Celebration with BMCian

If u r wondering y the cake has 3 names. that is becos we r celebrating 3 may babies's birthday.
Eunice(22 may) Janice(25 may) Alvin(30 may)
hahas. so coincidence our bdays so near to each other. n the guys celebrating it altogether on my birthday.
how nice of them =))

Celebration with Darlingsss

Cab home to settle Girl Girl at my place.
Re-powder myself, changed to a new set of clothes n off to meet my dars.

Dining at Sakura, darlings sang birthday song so loudly lahs.
den the manager even played the birthday song for me.
so paiseh, all others in the restuarant all knew it was my bday and smiled at mi!
so so touching lors!

Pubbing with BMCian, Janelle plus eric & jinye(new friends)

Raynard and Rach singing 恋爱频率.
but it seems like only raynard was singing and he sang both the make n female part.
u can even hear janelle and desmond playing the 5-10 game. LOLS!


oh god, i looked so 'gan dong' here.
im just laughing like mad k.

i camwhored in eric's hp(about 8 pics) and even set my face as wallpaper!
hahas. for goodness sake i just know him for a day.


Super shagged us...

I'm not drunk ok! nv vomit too. Yeahs, im the only survivor!!
Janelle and Kylie puke like nobody's business.
i'm just abit of dizzy, n unbalance only.
drank 8 glass of MARTEL mixed COKE.
i love martel lehx!
It's my virgin pubbing experience n im loving it. more to go plsss!

Hahas. mi, winson, desmond, ben shared a cab home.
i was like went to sleep not long after the cab drove off lors. it was like 3am when i reached home.
winson alighted at my place and walked mi to my doorstep. then, he walked back to his place.
awwww. sorry winson, i noe im bad =(( but im a girl u see. hahas.
lucky u didnt got rape by banglas huh. opps.
he's so so super nice lahs. i shall not bully such a nice guy.
heng my mommy didnt notice i was half-drunk.

it'a a wonderful SEVENTEEN birthday celebration.
i'll never forget this memorable day.
many many thanks to all my friends,
be it money or strength or time, thanks alot people!
all my friends who celebrate my 17th bday with me,
i love u guys lots, really!

p/s: Eric and Golden leaf, sorry for posting up ur nerdy pics! hahas.
Eunice, Li Juan, Janelle, sorry ur ugly pics were up too.

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