24 May 2007

Birthday Eve!

received some wishes i get from my fellow friendster-mate.
thanks all so much!

and this is so cute can. the birthday song in korean. sweet, isn't it? hahas.

In all, Janice wanna thanks all who had wishes her Happy Birthday...

xiiaoqiing(tag),malb babe(tag),Darren(msn),okw10(msn),H4N(msn),Kay Hoe(called), Ming Wen(fs), Europabartender(fs),Zhi wei(fs),Sweet Yawen(fs),Ying xian(fs,sms12.30am!),Gugu(mms!),aunt sally(called), cousin Jane(called), Winson mickey(sms on 12.03am!)Grace(msn),xiaozhu(msn),rachael(msn),Kylie(sms 13.37am), .....the list goes on n on...

mommy bought me 3 BRAS from Young Hearts.
i guess this should be my birthday present from her bahx.

Parents celebrated my birthday in advance for mi, cos i'll be staying out the whole day tml,
and when im back, it's already past 12am.
They bought me a birthday cake. choc mosses. yippee!
And we packed some 煮炒 dishes to cousin J's house to eat.
We bought super lots of food and it cost a bomb lahs.
Food plus the Cake, its about $110. yes, i swear.
thanks alot mummy daddy. no nice restuarants to dine in but i can feel the love. =))
Got a red packet from parents.. and one from my aunt Jessie.
I'll save it amap de. hehes. thanx!!

a table of food...

my pretty birthday cake...

that retarded-looking me...

dashing cousin Joel...

Joel, Janice, Papa!

my mama and mi!!

cutting the cake...

this was a candid trust mi...

end of the day...

meeting my bmcian, close-ones tml. im looking so foward to it.
okok. my birthday is coming pretty soon. xD

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