02 May 2007

labour day work

sorri. haven nt been updating my interesting life..
tis post is suppose to b for 1st may!

yuppx yuppx. no labour day for mi.
everyone was having their public holiday while i still nid to work!
tats so sad lahs. ppl get to go enjoy while i got to work.
although i get paid. but my pay nv increase on holiday. wad is this!

i reach golden mile quite early.. 10.25am!
u noe y? cos im going wif my parents. halfway late liaox sit cab de. hahas.
im so so happy tat i dun get bored to death at golden mile lahs.
cos all my boonlay's n bedok's collegues r there!
raymond,brian,qing long, blahs blah(i dunno his name)...(boonlay)
the sound system guys,weiliang...(bedok)
so ya.. im so well-entertained. lols!
ohh. if i look sian sian ytd, tat is bcos i've been having feverish on mon's nite n even tues's morning. -.-
oh gosh. jus remembered i forgot to return weiliang the money for mineral water!
yeahs. there's the lucky draw thingy ytd.
a thai who bought over 20 hi!cards won a akira tv.
hahas. im so so busy ytd can. have to care for the lucky draw, 8 mins free call, even top up their phone value for customers.
i can multi-task lors. who get mi to their location they lucky arhx. hahas.
i now understand y jane dun eat at golden mile,we wud rather b immortals.

farkk lahs. i kanna molested twice? nvm. im already prepare for it.
got a bloody idiot thai poke my belly, tat saggy meat of mine.
he realli like playing tickling liddat poke my belly lahs. i so shock sia. hahas!
n one brush over my butt. like tat veri shuang mehx? thais got siao bo?
look at mi will get horny arhx?! must touch de mehx.
the guys ask brian take care of mi den brian tell mi..
"if got guys touch u...dun tell mi" awwww. wad kind of fren lors =((
its kind of bored towards end of day. so i used the demo hp to self-pic.
took pics of many many oso. inside the hp was.. mi,brian,rach,winson,weiliang,yufa,brain,qinglong,raymond n tat guy i dunno his name.
stupid, they gonna kill mi if they find out. my pic was the cutest afterall. lols.
our sales was.. 228 i tink. record breaking day for golden mile!
u noe y? cos got mi mahx. hahas. BHB AGAIN!

after work went to mit my ben papa n rach ah gong at bugis.
went to eat!! i ate alot! cos i didnt eat lunch n dinner.
den go bugis st walk walk. shop shop. hahas.
hang ard till 10 den leave. reach hme abt 11 liaox.
promised papa goin eng lesson to accompany him. =))

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