18 May 2007


Wow! this realli surprises mi.
felt so kind of strange to haf sooooooo many people tagging mi huh.
nobody would tagged mi so much on a normal day,
but.. so why for the last post? n i have a spammer who spammed too. LOLS!

Reply to tags:

HuiiQiing: okies. noted*

ezanne: u're right! its over. so im so not bothered bout it anymore =))

chia: hahas. chia.... dun act lahs. shy wad shy.
we brother so long liaox still dun dare see..?? LOLS!

cheryl: hii. im doin fine! erms. btw,which cheryl in DAM r u?

janelle: babyy. I LOVE YOU TOO ^^

jorge: ehh? hii. okok. will link ya de.

jolene: is it? hahas. its ok arhx. im perfectly alright. thx!

-: heyy spammer, hii.
ohhya. im the one who dumped hoechin, yeahs! okok.
i dun blame anyone elses ok.
i admit hoechin treated mi well, but how the hell u noe i didnt
treat him nice too?? its our relationship, or issit urs?
nobody noes it better den mi n hoechin himself ok.
if he still haf the heart, he will still rmb things i did for him de ok.
but if he doesnt receive my kindness, its ok de.
yuppx. i didnt agree for tat patch. so tat can mean after a week from the
patching stuffs he can b wif other girl?
ok. y not we change the situation. if now, i ditched him n after 2 week
i stead wif another guy. wad will u think now?
im a flirt, a bitch or wadever rite?
im not wanting to fight for anything now, jus some justice tat..
how could they b so fast, tat is like onli a week or 2 after tat patch
asked by him. jus plainly some rantings. tats all.
i noe girl B is ur fren n u r backing up for her.
this kind of feelings i noe.=)) ohh. its ok for u to say im not
deserved for his love or wadever. its OUR relationship as i said,
i felt the love im so blessed. he choose to b wif mi wad.
u got the rights to deny it, but u cant do anything to stop him for being
wif mi tat time right? hahas! okok.
girl B is hoechin's fren i noe. ok lors. she can b pissed of cos.
i cant stop u ppl's feeling. i cant please everyone.
u guys can hate mi or wadever.
tell mi wad thing did i do tat makes u think i treated him bad?
its kind of weird tat u noe our relationship better den us? -.-
okok. i tink im leading quite a good life now.
girl B can haf hoechin all she wans. im ok now.
n pls get this clear.. he onli ask for patch ONCE. n tat next moment...
he's wif her =))
correct. im nothing arhx. he can dun b so nice to mi oso de.
i NV expect him to do so too. i accept it lors.
i do look into the mirror dun worry, u can see by my pics dun u. hahas.
ok lahs. girl B indeed can b better den mi.
i nv wanted to b compared wif her or wadever. realli.
her is her, mi is mi. she's surely not not not a replacement of mi.
dun mistaken ya! n i did not even mention girl B is a replacement
of mi! u must haf realli mistaken mi :((
n u dun even noe which fren im toking about. oh pls.
hahas. so u said im a stupids fxck? looks who issit now?

whoever it is who tagged mi, thanx so much for ur info worx.
actualli u jus showed u r so childish, ignorant lahs.
although i've wasted about 10 mins on this post,
but i dun mind cos it jus nice made an entry for today.
seriously, i realli wish tat u do understand the word RESPECT.
cos its MY blog n thus, i haf all the world to post wad i wan.
u can comment on it, but i can choose not to give a damn bout it too. tink over it k.
my previous post is simply jus some thoughts actualli.
i didnt noe soooo many ppl concern about it.
I appreciate if u could tell mi who u r, im sure i noe u n u noe mi.
I still wish we r still frens again =D

Valerie: okkiies. sorri i kuku mahx. will relink u. thanx girl. tc too!

Hoe Chin and Jie Hui~
things r getting so complicated. arrggghh. pls dun mistaken mi too!
realli do wish we r still frens? i dun intend to made a big fuss out of this de.
its realli jus a simple ranting but i dunno y the anonymous came up
n make things so big.
if u guys passed by n read this, do tag back ohh!!


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