04 May 2007


was suppose to mit papa n kylie at 11.15am.
but we end up coming late.
i reached abt 11.40am. kylie n the guys abt 11.50am. papa 12pm!!
papa sneak into bio practical to accompany mi worx. funni practical make us so blur.
den lata mickeymouse come join in n accompany mi for bio lesson.
so good hors them. hees.
after class went to eat mac. n we played the photowarp again.
super super funni. i cant stop laughing until my stomach muscle so tired.
lol. went arcade after eating. tats the best part.
we played some kind of shooting games. yeahs. i scored the lowest =((
im not guy mahx. dunno how to play wad. hahas.
went to play the catch toy machine oso.
papa so pro can! he caught 2 toys today. 1 big 1 small.
a big stich having its ice-cream
a chicken little wearing red hat
the stich was suppose to be difficult to catch at first. den a couple tried like 10 over times but still couldn't get it.
its so near yet far. they gave up. lols. so papa tried 2 tries n he got it.
the couple is like so 'dui' lahs. they must b so... grr.
cute cute cute. sharing it wif papa until he gets one for himself too.
stich is now wif papa. i'm kinda missing it -.-
getting it frm him on tues. yipee!
STICH!!! big big big. cute cute cute.
papa n STICH.

"lilo" n stich. loves~

so so tired. *yawn*

yuppx yuppx. i pinned up my fringe today. hahas.

i noe i look kind of weird.

yesh. im tired. gonna have an early nite. nitex everyone!!

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