08 June 2007

slacking with my girl n guys


sleepyhead me woke up by chong yin at about 12pm.
i was so shock cos im suppose to mit him to book badminton court for him with
my passion card.
hahas. i helped him saved altogether about 9bucks lahs.
met desmond at gek poh while we were slacking around.
so coincidence lors. cos i never ever met desmond, chong yin or prashan for my 17yrs of
life at gek poh, which they claimed they went there almost everyday.
waited for desmond to buy his food n blah blah....
parted with them and i ran for the bus to meet Janelle!!

yay yay. i miss her lots.
she came all the way to jurong just to slack n roam around gek poh n pioneer mall
and buy her contact lens. kind of crazy huh.
actually feel like going home early de.... but u noe u noe..
that troublesome girl... hais..
cant possible ps her mahx. den accompany her lors.
decided to drag Desmond and Winson out for "study". but desmond dun wanna come.
but mr nice Winson still turn up in super fast speed lors.
hahas. he really is 随传随到 lahs.

janelle taught him chem until so serious.
like mother teaching 3yrs old son so stern lahs. the situation was so funny.
i bet he learned quite alot today huh. winson, must pass for janelle to see! lols.

Of cos we never forget to cam-whore...

candid by janelle, at 815 coffee shop

me and pretty...

we've got lots of retarded poses

kiss kiss *ssMuackxx*

my pretty... Janelle

its my turn now...
normal =))

smile with teeth xD

how about me acting cute??
look like some cartoon huh...?

hahas. retarded!!

i was playing with Winson's kuku spec...

arrrggghh. looks like im wearing some goggles -.-

Winson that nice guy=))

Him with our ice-cream biscuit..

Shaker Fries... loves!

Something you wouldn't want to see.
im a disgusting freak, this is the situation of my leg now.

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